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Everyday at Hale Pule

July 6, 2018



Everyday I practice back bends to open my heart and strengthen my back

Daily shoulder shimmies soften my edges and massage my upper spine

I lift my pelvic floor to access true potential

Deep breaths three times per day teach me to fully release and receive

Barefoot walks on ancient volcanic dirt offer presence and grounding

I fully feel the breeze as vata energy moves everything

Plump papayas ripen, yearning in bright orange as they await their turn to be devoured my devotional mouths

The spiders are never-ending. They create webs of eternity and it's my job to destroy. This is balance. “Om namah shivaya”, bless your transition, friend

I spy a yellowing banana, the bunch is ready! I'm a lumber jack. The satisfying snap of a falling tree invigorates me. The full fruits are cut into hands and banana sap sticks to me for days

On the search for avocados, my eyes are peeled for those emerald orbs. 18 of these prized treasures fill my fruit bag.

I take a moment to stand in meditation as I adore majestic mother mountain. She is called Kalalaea, the pregnant goddess that guards earth and sky. Everyday I hear her divine demands, she pushes me into my womanhood and asks me what I want to create

The banana patch shower awaits me and I take full advantage of those five magical minutes

I relax on the hard wood floor of the sadhana room and the chi machine rocks my legs back and forth. I melt

Chanting, I invoke Shiva, acknowledging the three states of awareness: conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. I chant to trust the fruitful movement forward of life, to release attachments, and see the beauty of death. In my personal fire ceremony, I stare at the ever-changing flame as the space between my eyebrows begins to tingle. There is a tangible lightness after my 20 minutes. I feel deep cleaned

I chew fresh ginger with lime and salt to stoke my own internal flame

The most nourishing meal on the planet has been served

Hungry, but full with gratitude, I take a moment to meditate on the sacred food

Chewing 20 times, I completely digest and absorb

After dinner stroll on soft ground feels like dessert. I notice my body moves with more fluidity now

We honor the sunset, again with a flame

Slipping into my tiny tent, I'm unable to straighten my long legs

Loud wind blows, leaves fall, mice explore, spiders build webs, toads hop, centipedes slither. I hear it all as I close my zipper

Finally time to lower my lids over my ghee-glazed eyes







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