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Birth Doula


I am fortunate to have entered this world through the tranquil and supportive environment of a home birth ( my Mother was assisted by a midwife). I truly believe that this undisturbed birth of love, trust, and surrender has completely reinforced my soul's freedom of expression. At my core,  I feel fully nourished and committed to serve others. This innate devotion to offer support has manifested through my career as a yoga teacher for the last four years. Turning 30 this year, inner guidance lead me to honor and understand my own divine feminine energy. I have been obsessively studying the sacredness of the female cycle and digging deep into a place of womanhood and assertiveness within. This profound respect for women's power brought me to an infatuation with childbirth!


I completed a DONA International Certified Doula Workshop (plus Childbirth Education class) in early November, 2017.  I live in the Pahoa area on the Hilo side of the Big Island (I have a vehicle and am open to traveling around the island to offer birth support). My first experience as a  Doula took place recently at the Hilo Medical Center. I  am more driven than ever to connect with fellow birth workers and keep immersing myself in the world of healing, support, & empowerment in womanhood, pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.  





















As a new Doula, I am seeking as much hands-on experience as possible and am offering my services at a discounted rate. Please contact me for details.

I am available for births at home, in the hospital, and at birth centers.

Birth Doula Package

$500 (payments available upon request)


Unlimited, 24-hour a day on-call support during entire pregnancy


Two prenatal sessions to provide education, emotional support, and development of birth decisions through communication and creative exercises with Mom & partner


Early labor support in your home


Continuous active labor support in your chosen birth setting


Early postpartum support & care  (2-3 hrs after baby is born)


Two postpartum home visits providing support through housework (cooking & cleaning), baby care (while Mom and partner take time for self-care), errands, and emotional space for processing for Mom & partner

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