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I have been immersed in the yogic path for most of my life (my Mother has been a yoga teacher for over 20 years). I was exposed to yoga at a very young age; I remember jokingly saying, “Mommy is going to teach another yogurt class” as my brothers and I made fun of the foreign word, I remember having giggling fits with my younger brother in our Mom's classes as we trembled and stretched in a room full of silent adults, I remember falling asleep in Savasana (corpse pose), and I remember noticing how calm people seemed as they walked out of a yoga session. An awareness of physical health and well-being has been with me since the start, but without knowing it, I was also already on a path of living yoga as well. This early exposure paved a seemingly subtle path as I grew older.


For many years, I occasionally attended my Mom's yoga classes, knowing that my attendance made her happy and that the practice was healthy for me. I appreciated yoga, but it didn't feel like my “thing”. I saw Yoga as an extension of my Mother; her career, her passion, her path. As a teenager and into my early 20's, I preferred more vigorous, stimulating activities such as running, dancing, hiking, swimming... etc. I didn't enjoy slowing down. I also didn't make time for any intentional spiritual practice other than processing my emotional life through my journal.


In 2013, I attended the Bhaktifest Yoga & Music Festival with my parents. The festival started out as an experience of joyful observation and gentle participation, and turned into a lightening strike of inspiration! Within the jam-packed days of live music, workshops, and asana classes, I had strongly embraced the meaning of yoga for the first time. My understanding of yoga had moved from my head down into my heart. It was a sense of divine inner connection. I left Bhaktifest feeling an overwhelming amount of bliss and enthusiasm as I vowed to dive deeper into this new relationship. I quickly knew I was ready and destined to become a leader; a teacher of yoga. It was in my blood! I envisioned myself teaching yoga and quickly began my journey of becoming a teacher. I completed my RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher – 200 hour) at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in western Massachusetts in March of 2014. Kripalu Yoga (gentle/moderate Hatha) is a practice of transformation through deep compassion (the Sanskrit word kripalu means compassion).



























After my training, I started teaching right away in my small hometown of Bisbee, AZ. I was humbled and so grateful to have my first yoga students come in the form of family friends and community members who had watched me grow up! These students had also been consistent followers of my Mom's teachings for many many years, so it was an honor to share the role of their teacher with her. Some of these supportive students had even donated funds for me to attend my teacher training (I gave them free classes upon my return, of course!). Within that first year of teaching, I offered weekly yoga classes to students of all levels, taught private sessions, and enjoyed leading kid's yoga. With a very stable foundation built through my early teaching experiences in my hometown, I moved away and have now had a wide variety of experiences as a teacher. I taught at a yoga studio & gym while I spent a summer living in Homer, Alaska, my mom and I have co-created and taught week-long yoga retreats in Mexico & Hawaii (click the the Yoga Retreats tab on the menu up above to view photos of these events), I taught weekly classes in Hawaii (chair yoga for seniors and all- level mat classes open to the public), and most recently, I taught yoga to staff and guests at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Upstate New York for six months. At Omega, I also shared stories of my trip to India (click the Blog tab to read about my experiences from this transformative spiritual pilgrimage), and facilitated group discussions on the teachings of the Indian sage, Ramana Maharshi.

































I am now back in Hawaii (after being gone for nine months this year) and am excited to establish myself as a yoga teacher here once again. I am also a newly blossoming Birth Doula (I attended a DONA international Doula Training and Certification weekend in November, 2017). My current plans include: study/teach Prenatal Yoga, teach Kids Yoga, offer childcare to my community, dive into my Doula practice (click on the Childcare & Birth Doula tab above to find out more), teach regular yoga classses, share my writing, and continue my studies of Ayurveda (I participated in a couple Ayurveda trainings in India). All the puzzle pieces are coming together as I continue to navigate my path of truth and service!


A few fun facts about me:


I taught Zumba for about a year and then created and taught my own style of dance fitness that I named: Love. Yoga. Dance.


I began studying dance at a very young age and have experience in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Modern, and Free movement (I recently had the great honor of assisting in a workshop at Omega called “Dance Your Bliss”, a form of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual therapy through movement and creativity ~http://www.dancingyourbliss.com ).


Some of my favorite things in life include: Travel ~ volcano climbing ~ eating/making chocolate ~ drinking kombucha ~ hula hooping ~ snorkeling ~ massage ~ spending time with my amazing family & friends ~  birth ~ holding hands.

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